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Mother's Day Order Form!

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We are excited to put something together for you! To place an order, please fill out the form below.


A bit of fine print:

  • This form serves as an inquiry, not a confirmation of order.

  • We will respond to you ASAP via email to confirm details of your order. Once your order is confirmed via email, please pay  invoice within 24 hours to finalize your order and to avoid cancellations.


  • If you need to make a change to your existing order within 24 hours, please contact immediately.

  • Please be aware that SweetPetals Cupcakery is a home bakery and our cupcakes are prepared where allergens may be present.

  • We are located in Florida and unfortunately our cupcakes (and desserts) cannot be shipped at this time.

  • Finally, please note that we are a one woman show. We will always endeavor to respond as quickly as possible and make your experience with us great. But we reserve the right to pause taking orders or declare ourselves at capacity. There’s a lot of life to be lived outside of our home bakery and we intend to do that as often as possible.

For all other inquiries, please email

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Please be sure to fill out all areas before submitting. Thank you!

 *** Notice***

Mother's Day Orders Available: 5/13 or 5/14 ONLY!

All orders due no later than 5/7/2023

All payments are due in full within 24 hours of invoice.

Boucake / Box Order Size

Mother's Day Orders Available: 5/13 or 5/14 ONLY!

5/13 Orders Pickup Only : 9-11:00AM

5/14 Orders Pickup: 8:00-10:00AM

5/14 Orders Delivery: 10:30AM-12:00PM



To be provided upon payment.

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